Navigate to the shop section of the website under “stippling.” Select “Stippling Service - Down Payment,” add it to your cart and checkout. This down payment will be put towards the final purchase of your desired frame package and is non-refundable.

This deposit will add your name to the wait list shown on the “Order Queue” page underneath the queue.
Once I am ready for your frame, I will call you and let you know. At that time you will be directed to the website to complete your purchase and if needed I will be able to guide you through the process and answer any remaining questions.
DO NOT ship your frame before you have placed your full order online AND have printed/filled out the order form found here

You are free to ship your frame via any means you are comfortable. If asked to provide a copy of the FFL for Allen Arms Stipple, call (801) 913-2030 and one will can be emailed to the store.

Don't ship your frame "Signature Required" as this may extend your turnaround time.

DO NOT ship your frame in any kind or gun case or personal item. Bubble wrapping and boxing your frame will provide sufficient protection.

Framework is completed in the order received and your frame is returned directly to the address on the order form. The ATF considers stippling to be gunsmithing and as such, as an 07 FFL you can ship your frame directly to us and we can return directly to you without an FFL on your end.