Download and print a copy of the order form found here. This will need to be filled out, signed and included with your frame when you ship it to us. 

Add the desired stippling package to your cart on the website and complete your order.

After your order is confirmed you will be contacted within 24 hours and given your scheduled date to ship your frame.

Ship your handgun through Fedex, or UPS. If asked to provide a copy of the FFL for Allen Arms Stipple, call (801) 913-2030 and one will can be emailed to the store.

Don't ship your frame "Signature Required" as this may extend your turnaround time.

Framework is completed in the order received and your frame is returned directly to the address on the order form. The ATF considers stippling to be gunsmithing and as such, as an 07 FFL you can ship your frame directly to us and we can return directly to you without an FFL on your end.