About Us
Allen Arms Stipple is a one man custom shop that provides high quality grip modifications at some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. These modifications will not only increase the aesthetic value of your sidearm of choice, but will also vastly improve it's tactile functionality. We are located in Arizona and operate with an 07 FFL. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us through any means listed in the contact us section with questions or comments! We look forward to giving your frame the makeover it deserves.

Stippling Price List

Frame Pricing

Full Size $200
Compact $180

Pattern Pricing

Matrix $10
Asteroid (Recommended for CC)

Border Pricing

Recessed Gap (Included)
Recessed Non Gap (Included)
Non Recessed Non Gap (- $15)


Trigger Finger Index $20
Support Hand Finger Index $20
Textured Thumb Ledge $30 (per ledge)
Trigger Guard Texture $20
Finger Groove Removal $20
Single Undercut $25
Single Undercut with Chamfered Trigger Guard $50
Double Undercut $45
Mag Extensions/Backstraps $25 Each
Mag Release Cut $30
Full Tang Layout
Cerakote Removal $40

Extras Offered

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Full Tang Layout

Texture will cover the majority of the backstrap for more adhesion to your thumb webbing

Finger Groove Removal with Double Undercut

Removal of the frames finger grooves to leave a flat surface, and extra space created under the trigger guard for a higher grip

Support Hand Texture

A pad of texture for a right handed shooters thumb to rest against while shooting with a thumbs forward grip

Trigger Guard

Texture pad for the support hand to grip under to minimize frame movement under recoil

Trigger Finger Index

A pad of texture for a right handed 
shooters index finger to rest against while high and off the trigger

Mag Release Relief Cut with Double Undercut

A cut and polish near the magazine release to aid in quicker magazine drops and reloads. Glocks gen 1-3

Single Undercut

A single cut under the trigger guard where your middle finger rest. Prevents blistering, and aids in a higher grip on the firearm

Textured Hidden Thumb Ledge RH

A cut that is textured & polished for a right handed shooters support hand thumb to press against to aid in recoil management


Matrix Texture
Recessed Gap Border
Full Tang Layout
Interchangeable (non permanent) stippled backstrap
Double Undercut
Support Hand Index Texture
Matrix Texture
Recessed Gap Borders
Single Undercut
Havoc Texture
Recessed Gap Borders
Asteroid Texture
Recessed Gap Borders
Double Undercut with Trigger Guard Texture
Textured Hidden Thumb Ledge (Strong Side)
Asteroid Texture
Recessed Non Gap Borders
Trigger Guard Undercut
Trigger Finger Index Texture
Brick Pattern
Recessed Gap Border
Mag Release Relief Cut
Double Undercut
Textured Hidden Thumb Ledge
Matrix Texture
Magwell Border Match
Mag Release Relief Cut
Double Undercut with Textured Trigger Guard
Textured Hidden Thumb Ledge
Godzilla Pattern
Double Undercut
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